Ripple XRP & ODL Adoption & PayID – CEO of BRD Wallet & SBI Ripple Asia Adam Traidman Interview

Adam Traidman is the CEO of BRD Wallet, SBI Ripple Asia and SBI Mining Chip Co. In this interview we discuss the following:

  • How BRD Wallet came about
  • BRD Ripple Xpring investment and Partnership
  • PayID and the Open Payment Coalition
  • Adam’s role at SBI Ripple Asia and Mining Chip co – how he manages being the CEO of all three businesses
  • Ripple ODL and XRP adoption in Japan
  • Working with SBI’s Yoshitaka Kitao
  • SBI investment in Whinstone Bitcoin Mining in Texas.
  • Adam’s outlook on the crypto market and how overhearing the folks from Andressen Horowitz talking about crypto validated the industry and asset class for him.

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