Interview: Arthur Breitman CoFounder Tezos – XTZ Staking, Tezos vs Ethereum – tzBTC

Arthur and Kathleen Breitman are the founders of the Tezos Blockchain. In this interview with Arthur we discuss the following topics: Arthur's background - where he is from, what he did before Tezos and when did he first discover CryptoHow the idea came about to start TezosTezos staking and adoptionTezos vs Ethereum and ETH's move to proof of stakeBitcoin on the Tezos blockchain tzBTCTezos Chainlink integrationHis thoughts on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)Where he sees the crypto market in 2-3years Listen to the podcast audio

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Interview: Vertalo Founder & CEO Dave Hendricks – Tokenizing $500 Million In Assets On The Tezos Blockchain

Dave Hendricks is the founder and CEO of Vertalo. In this interview we discuss the following: Dave's background - where is from, what he did before Vertalo and why he decided to start Vertalo.Overview of the services Vertalo providesTokenizing 22 securities worth $22 million on the Tezos blockchainTokenizing $300 million of Real Estate on the Tezos blockchain with TzeroWhy Vertalo is using the Tezos blockchain.How the tokenized securities and digital assets will be custodied and tradedWhat's the SEC regulatory process for tokenizing securitiesWhat can we expect from Vertalo for the remainder of 2020Dave's thoughts…

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