How To Protect Your Crypto From A SIM Swap Hack

SIM Swap hacks are on the rise, this tactic is being used by hackers and they are targeting the crypto community. We have seen a rise in cases and lawsuits over SIM Swaps. Below are tips to protect your Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other cryptos from a SIM Swap attack. Protect Against SIM Swap DO NOT make your cell number public! Avoid publishing your number on forums, social media or giving it to strangers you do not know. Use a Google Voice Number that forwards to your main number if you need to publish…

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Interview With Caitlin Long Cofounder of The Wyoming Blockchain Coalition

Caitlin Long is the cofounder of the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition, a 22 year wall street veteran and served as the chairman and president at blockchain company Symbiont. In this interview we discuss the following topics: Why Caitlin is bullish on Crypto an BlockchainThe Wyoming Blockchain Coalition and the 13 bills passed which has led to companies looking to move to Wyoming and start new businesses in WyomingOther states looking to replicate what Wyoming is doingImpact of bills passed on the Token Taxonomy Act and Warren Davidson saying it has good chance to be passed…

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Interview with LGO Markets CEO Hugo Renaudin – Institutional Crypto Exchange – Multi Signature Wallet & More

Institutional crypto exchange LGO Markets just launched on Monday March 4th, 2019. In this interview LGO Market's CEO and co-founder Hugo Renaudin we discuss the following topics: Company history and servicesLGO Markets TeamHow the Multi Signature Wallet feature worksHow LGO Markets is different from other institutional clients such as Bakkt, TD Ameritrade's Erisx and Fidelity Digital Assets.Retail investment service that will be launched later in 201910 Institutional clients onboard and the 56 clients in the process of being onboardedHugo's crypto market outlook

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