Nate Geraci ETF Store

Nate Geraci is the president of The ETF Store and Co-Founder of The ETF Institute. We discuss:

  • Bitcoin ETFs inflow performance and will inflows continue to grow
  • When the SEC will complete the approval for the Ethereum Spot ETFs and what will the inflows look like
  • Staking in Ethereum Spot ETFs
  • How the Bitcoin ETFs have changed the ETF industry
  • Will Vanguard ever capitulate and offer Crypto ETFs?
  • Will there be a Solana and XRP ETF this cycle?
  • Global launch of Bitcoin and Ethereum Spot ETFs


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01:58 Nate’s background and the ETF Store

08:44 Comparisons between Dot Com boom and Crypto

10:03 ETH Store and Crypto ETFs

16:20 Bitcoin ETF inflows and will growth continue?

19:34 Will Vanguard capitulate?

21:51 Global BTC ETFs

23:19 Ethereum ETF Approval

30:45 ETH Staking ETFs

32:00 Solana and XRP ETF approvals?

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