Hugo Philion Flare Networks

Hugo Philion is the Cofounder Flare Networks and CEO of FlareLabs. We discuss:

  • Launch of FAssets Beta
  • FAssets for XRP, Bitcoin, an Dogecoin
  • Hex Trust USDX Stablecoin on Flare
  • Launch of first liquid staking protocol on Flare, Sceptre
  • Launch of first Real World Assets protocol by Clearpool
  • AI and Blockchain


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01:43 FAssets Beta

04:50 How to setup FAssets for your XRP and Bitcoin

07:14 FAssets production timeline

09:15 FAssets Agents

12:11 USDX Stablecoin Hex Trust

16:45 FIP 07 Voting

19:00 Flare and Songbird distribution updates 2

1:02 Kentic lending platform

24:27 Flare Funding

27:56 AI and Blockchain

33:59 Bitcoiners and FBTC

37:44 Memecoins as FAssets

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