Matthew Sigel VanEck Solana ETFs

Matthew Sigel is the Head of Digital Assets Research at VanEck. We discuss the upcoming Ethereum ETF approvals and VanEck being the first to file for a Solana ETF in the US.


  • VanEck’s Crypto Strategy & Products
  • Bitcoin ETFs performance and future outlook
  • What type of inflows can we expect for the upcoming Ethereum ETFs
  • Solana ETF application
  • SEC and Gary Gensler’s approach to Crypto
  • How VanEck custodies crypto assets
  • Upcoming launch of the Agora Stablecoin AUSD
  • Social Media’s impact on investing


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01:55 Matthew’s background

03:51 Blockchain AI and Media

05:15 Working with Cathie Wood

07:53 Social media and investing

09:25 VanEck overview

12:50 Crypto investing allocation

14:56 Agora stablecoin

16:57 Types of clients VanEck works with

20:55 Bitcoin ETF Inflows and outlook

26:21 Ethereum ETF expectations

29:47 Solana ETFs

32:25 SEC and Gary Gensler

35:08 XRP ETF

37:38 Crypto Custody

40:50 Wrap up questions

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