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Austin Campbell is the founder and managing partner at Zero Knowledge Consulting. He s also an Adjunct professor at Columbia Business School.


  • SEC drops investigation into Ethereum
  • SEC approval of ETH ETFs
  • Gary Gensler’s recent comments about crypto CEOs
  • Crypto’s impact on Politics: Donald Trump, Democrats 180, Biden and Elizabeth Warren
  • Winklevoss Twins donate to Donald Trump
  • Consumer First’s FUD campaign against Tether USDT
  • Coinbase’s new lawsuit against SEC and FDIC


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02:17 SEC Ethereum investigation

03:35 ETH ETF approval catalysts

05:56 Why was Ethereum being investigated

07:08 SEC coming back to sue Ethereum

08:17 Gary Gensler crypto CEO comments

12:24 Crypto and Politics

18:26 Elizabeth Warren agenda

20:07 Crypto at the Presidential Debate

21:33 Tether USDT FUD campaign

28:47 Coinbase lawsuit SEC FDIC

35:39 Public vs Private blockchains

38:54 Banking Incumbent’s fight against Crypto

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