mike belshe interview

Mike Belshe is the cofounder and CEO of BitGo. We discuss:

  • BitGo acquiring Brassica
  • Brinks invests in BitGo
  • Tokenization
  • Bitcoin ETF launch and BitGo custodying ETFs
  • Hong Kong & Asian Market BTC ETFs
  • Crypto Regulations
  • Will BitGo go public this year?

Key Takeaways:

  • Mike Belshe, head of BitGo, emphasizes the security of their custody services, stating that even if he were kidnapped, the money cannot be accessed.
  • BitGo is building the BitGo Go Network, a multi-custodial initiative to create a global market for digital assets.
  • The network aims to allow clients to trade globally with trusted participants and enter settlements through escrow mechanisms.
  • Belshe highlights the challenge for regulators in the digital asset space, as the blockchain connects people globally, requiring a more interconnected regulatory approach.