Daniel Polotsky COINFLIP

Dan Polotsky is the founder of CoinFlip which is the world’s leading bitcoin ATM provider with 6,000 kiosks worldwide. We discuss:

  • 6,000 CoinFlip kiosks helping people around the world to access Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto assets
  • Offering dedicated customer service for crypto buyers
  • What type of demographic buys crypto from Kiosks/ATMs
  • Crypto OTC desk and Venture arm
  • Bitcoin’s growth and adoption
  • Crypto Regulations, Tokenization, and CBDCs


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01:58 Daniel’s background

05:12 Launching Coinflip

07:14 Coinflip’s different services

08:43 Which crypto assets they offer

11:55 Wallet and Custody

21:13 Crypto regulations

22:24 Bitcoin ETFs

26:22 Tokenization

29:48 CBDCs

31:14 Wrap up questions

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