John Wu Ava Labs

John Wu is the president of Ava Labs. We discuss:

  • Ava Labs overview
  • What makes the Avalanche Blockchain unique
  • Plan to scale to 100K TPS
  • Avax staking
  • JPMorgan utilizing Avalanche for tokenization
  • Amazon Web Services partnership
  • How to bring in the next 1 billion users to Crypto
  • Bitcoin Spot ETF launch
  • US Crypto Regulations

Key Takeaways:

  • Amazon Web Services and Ava Labs have a partnership to provide compute power and storage for emerging crypto companies and developers.
  • Traditional enterprises looking to deploy blockchain-enabled solutions are introduced to Ava Labs through Amazon Web Services.
  • The potential for using NFTs in retail experiences, such as scanning QR codes on products to unlock additional features, is discussed.
  • The use of blockchain technology, specifically on Avalanche, is highlighted for enhancing customer experiences in various industries.