crypto sim swap hack

SIM Swap hacks are on the rise, this tactic is being used by hackers and they are targeting the crypto community. We have seen a rise in cases and lawsuits over SIM Swaps. Below are tips to protect your Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other cryptos from a SIM Swap attack.

Protect Against SIM Swap

  • DO NOT make your cell number public! Avoid publishing your number on forums, social media or giving it to strangers you do not know. Use a Google Voice Number that forwards to your main number if you need to publish a number in public.
  • Utilize an account PIN number with your phone carrier. Major US phone carriers offer you the option of putting a PIN or a passcode on your account.
  • Have two phones – one that is for normal use and the other for your exchange accounts only. Keep the latter very private.
  • Utilize an offline device for 2FA – unconnected phone, tablet such as an iPad etc.

You’re A Victim Of SIM Swap

  • If your smartphone suddenly stops working, or messages stop going through, you know you’ve lost your SIM. Act immediately, get to your nearest carrier store or call them from a working phone.

Crypto Security Tips

  • Utilize a hardware wallet such as a Ledger Nano X
  • Utilize Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for your exchange logins and email logins.
  • Avoid publicly sharing the email you use for exchange logins
  • Exchange I.P. Whitelist – limits withdrawals to only the IP address you input.