Bill Hughes Consensys

Bill Hughes is Senior Counsel and Director of Global Regulatory Matters at Consensys.


  • SEC drops investigation into Ethereum
  • Consensys lawsuit against the SEC
  • SEC still targeting Staking and MetaMask
  • Coinbase case Wallet decision impact on MetaMask
  • SEC versus crypto exchanges and Kraken oral arguments for motion to dismiss
  • Gary Gensler refusing to acknowledge Ethereum is a commodity
  • Crypto Legislation outlook
  • Crypto’s impact on Politics
  • Consensys comments on the IRS 1099-DA


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02:08 SEC drops case against Ethereum

09:19 Gary Gensler won’t say ETH is a commodity

16:26 SEC vs MetaMask

18:18 Coinbase Wallet ruling impact on MetaMask

20:39 Kraken exchange motion to dismiss

25:23 Crypto exchanges group lawsuit against SEC

35:11 Crypto legislation in 2025 + Crypto and Politics

42:35 IRS 1099-DA form

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