Cody Carbone Interview

Cody Carbone is the Chief Policy Officer at the The Digital Chamber. We discuss:

  • Mark Cuban, Biden Admin Crypto Roundtable put together by Ro Khanna
  • Donald Trump’s stance on crypto and impact on politics and elections
  • Crypto Campaign Donations – Democrats turning on Elizabeth Warren
  • Crypto in the Elections and upcoming Presidential Debate
  • Updates on SAB 121 and FIT21 Bill
  • Gary Gensler Senate Hearing & Ethereum a security


Watch the interview

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02:06 Crypto Roundtable Mark Cuban

04:53 Democrats turn on Elizabeth Warren

07:26 Donald Trump’s impact on Crypto in Politics

10:00 Biden Veto of SAB 121

13:03 Crypto Campaign Donations

16:05 Presidential Debate Crypto Questions

18:07 If Biden wins what happens to Crypto?

20:26 What’s next for SAB 121 and FIT21

25:00 Gary Gensler Hearing & Ethereum

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