You are currently viewing Circle’s USDC Stablecoin is the World’s Digital Dollar with Jeremy Allaire

Jeremy Allaire is the Co-founder and CEO of Circle which helps businesses and developers harness the power of the USDC stablecoin for payments and commerce.


  • launch and $15 Trillion in USDC volume since 2018
  • Stablecoin adoption outlook
  • EU Stablecoin regulations
  • Competitors Tether USDT, PayPal PYUSD, Ripple RLUSD and stablecoin market outlook
  • Circle’s partnership with BlackRock
  • Circle’s new banking partner distribution to avoid another Silicon Valley bank situation
  • Plans to expand USDC to other blockchains
  • Circle IPO
  • US Crypto Regulations


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01:40 USDC $15 trillion in volume

05:12 and USDC Digital Dollar

09:19 Vision for Circle and USDC

11:44 Stablecoins the killer app of crypto

14:09 Stablecoin adoption outlook

18:59 USD reserve currency and USD stablecoins

23:17 EU Regulations

25:17 Competitors such as Tether, PayPal, and Ripple

29:13 Expanding USDC to new blockchains

32:09 USDC Banking Silicon Valley Bank

37:09 Fixing fractional reserve banking

44:59 Circle and BlackRock

47:24 US Crypto Regulations

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