Fred Rispoli interview

Attorney Fred Rispoli is the founder of Hodl Law.


  • SEC vs Ethereum and Consensys
  • SEC vs Ripple XRP
  • Will the SEC go after Ripple for its upcoming Stablecoin RLUSD
  • SEC going after crypto exchanges
  • Biden vs Trump Crypto Election


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01:33 SEC vs Ethereum and Consesnsys

05:45 SEC Ethereum Security Debacle

08:45 Hodl Laws Ethereum Case

11:35 Donald Trump & Biden Crypto

14:55 Crypto and Politics

16:24 Crypto at presidential debates

17:30 Democrats turn on Gary Gensler & Elizabeth Warren

20:59 SEC vs Ripple

26:28 SEC vs Ripple’s stablecoin RLUSD

28:12 Ripple class action lawsuit

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