Charles Hoskinson Interview

Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano and one of the co-founders of Ethereum. We discuss:

  • Cardano’s Upcoming Hard Fork, Decentralization, and Governance
  • A standardized decentralization test for the crypto industry
  • The Cardano Foundation working with Argentina
  • The potential of working with Elon Musk and his Tesla pay package debacle
  • FUD about Cardano from media and VCs
  • Memecoins and SNEK on Cardano
  • US Crypto Regulations and upcoming Elections


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02:20 Cardano hardfork

07:17 Governance participation

14:18 Decentralization test for the crypto industry

21:26 Decentralization SEC to CFTC

23:26 Cardano Foundation Argentina

33:42 Midnight and Airdrop

43:38 Elon Musk partnership?

51:18 Developer activity on Cardano\

01:04:41 Media FUD against Cardano and News DAO

01:14:21 Memecoins and SNEK

01:20:30 US Crypto Regulations

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