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Willem Schroe is the Founder and CEO of Botanix Labs. He is an engineer and lifelong entrepreneur from Belgium, where he researched authenticated encryption and macroeconomics, and was a national mathematics medalist. He formed the thesis of the Spiderchain while doing his MBA at Harvard, and he continues to believe in the vision of building a fully decentralized global financial system on Bitcoin.


  • Willem’s background in cryptography
  • Botanix EVM L2 enabling DeFi, Stablecoins, Tokenization, Staking and more
  • Recent $11.5 million funding
  • Tether minting USDT on Botanix Spiderchain
  • Bitcoin Maximalism and expanding BTC use cases
  • Bitcoin ETFs and adoption
  • Crypto Regulations


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02:15 Willem’s background

04:20 Bitcoin and Cryptography

06:17 Botanix overview

08:48 Spiderchains explained

11:53 New Bitcoin use cases

14:26 Tether USDT on Bitcoin Spiderchain

14:56 Lightning Network

15:34 Bitcoin Maxis and BTC use cases

17:06 Network Security

18:09 Working with Bitcoin Miners and ETF issuers

21:48 2024 roadmap

24:35 BTC adoption

26:38 Crypto Regulations

29:30 CBDCs

32:16 Wrap up questions

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