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Chris Perkins is the President and Managing Partner of CoinFund which is a cryptoasset-focused investment firm founded in 2015 and based in Brooklyn, New York. Chris background includes working in TradFi at Lehman Brothers.


  • TradFi and Crypto – adoption and future outlook
  • How CoinFund invests in different crypto companies and projects
  • What to look for when investing in crypto projects
  • Congressman Warren Davidson visiting CoinFund’s office
  • US Crypto Regulations
  • Bitcoin ETFs performance and Ethereum ETF expectations
  • Stablecoins and CBDCs


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02:00 Chris’ background

04:27 Working in TradFi vs Crypto

09:26 Wall Street and Bank adoption of crypto and blockchain

11:54 CoinFund’s crypto investments

16:39 Next Industrial Revolution

17:50 How to invest in crypto

21:14 AUM and Custody

24:37 Congressman Warren Davidson

28:56 Crypto Education and Regulations

33:24 Stablecoins

36:15 Bitcoin ETFs and Ethereum ETFs

45:19 Wrap up questions

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