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Matt Hougan is the Chief Investment Officer at Bitwise Asset Management. Previously CEO at Inside ETFs, Managing Director of Global Finance at Informa. Before that, CEO of Co-authored the CFA Institute’s monograph on ETFs.


  • SEC partial approval of Ethereum ETFs
  • SEC drops investigation of Ethereum
  • Expected inflows into the Ethereum ETFs
  • Timeline for Solana and XRP ETFs
  • Market volatility impact on Bitcoin ETFs and expected inflows in H2 2024
  • Crypto’s impact on Politics and the presidential debate


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01:18 SEC Ethereum ETF partial approval

03:35 Ethereum ETF and Staking approval and investment strategy

06:32 SEC drops investigation of Ethereum via Consensys

07:48 Would Bitwise have sued the SEC for denial of ETH ETFs

08:17 Ethereum ETF inflows after approval 11:18 Solana and XRP ETFs

12:33 Crypto and Politics

16:10 Bitcoin ETF inflows in second half of 2024

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