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Warren Anderson is the CEO of Exocore, an omnichain restaking protocol powering an open market for decentralized trust. Prior to Exocore, Warren co-founded Hedgy, one of the first DeFi platforms which pioneered the use of multisig and hashed timelock contracts for atomic transactions of OTC trades on the Bitcoin blockchain. Warren joined Ripple in 2016 to lead product development across a variety of open crypto protocols, platforms, and products, including RippleX, the XRP Ledger, Interledger, and Paystring.

While at Ripple, he co-created On-Demand Liquidity, an enterprise payment API that uses crypto to settle cross-border payments in seconds. Warren initially joined Discreet Labs in 2021 as VP of Product, and was promoted to CEO in 2022 to lead a team of over 80 engineers and operators building scalable privacy systems using zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) for web3.


  • What is ReStaking
  • Exocore’s unique retaking solution
  • The future of crypto staking
  • Working with AI Companies
  • Crypto Regulations
  • Bitcoin ETFs


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01:25 Warren’s background at Ripple and more

06:30 ReStaking explained

09:16 Earning additional rewards for restaking

13:47 Staking non PoS assets

16:40 Working with AI Companies

21:21 Restaking security

23:38 Institutions ReStaking crypto

25:14 Exocore onboarding quest

27:00 Future of Staking

29:40 2024 roadmap

30:38 Bitcoin ETFs

33:30 US crypto regulations

36:23 Contact with Ripple?

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