Thinking Crypto NFT Collection

NFTs with Utility!


  • Collection of 102 NFTs (2 for giveaways and 100 for sale)
  • Minted on the XRP Ledger (XRPL)
  • Themes – AI, Robot, Crypto Token logos, and different landscapes
  • NFTs are listed on the Sologenic Marketplace for sale
  • For sale date – Monday April 17th, 2023



  • NFT holders will have the following benefits and perks:
    1. Book a one time 30 minute zoom call with Tony Edward to discuss crypto, YouTube, digital marketing and more. (subject to availability and first come first serve from a scheduling standpoint)
    2. Get access to an exclusive Discord group where updates will be shared from Tony Edward
    3. Get early access to interviews – at least 1 day ahead of public release – must be part of the discord group
    4. Get exclusive discounts, perks, and access from Thinking Crypto podcast partners (based on availability, first come first serve)
    5. Discounts on Thinking Crypto merchandise and events (based on availability, first come first serve)


Get The NFTs

  • The NFT collection will be available for sale on the Sologenic on April 17th
  • Giveaway – 2 XRP NFTs valued at 5,000 XRP each will be given away to two lucky winners. Must be subscribed to the email newsletter to qualify for the giveaway, signup below – Winner selection will be done on Saturday April 15th.


How Do I Access The NFT Perks?

  • Upon purchase of the NFT on the Sologenic marketplace you will be provided to exclusive links to join a discord group and book time for the zoom call. Look for the OWNER-ONLY CONTENT section to access the links.