Thinking Crypto Coin TKCR

What is $TKCR? It is a social token for the followers/subscribers of Thinking Crypto. Think of it as a reward token. 

Tokenomics – $TKCR is built on the Solana blockchain for speed and low fees. It has a max supply of 1 million tokens. View details on Solscan.

Does the token have value? Not in the open crypto market, but it has value within the Thinking Crypto community via benefits, perks, and more which is explained below.

Note that eventually, subject to SEC regulations, this token could be worth money in the open crypto market. 

TKCR Thinking Crypto Coin

How do I get the token? 

  • Initial distribution will be to the first 30 comments to on the announcement Twitter thread with their Solana wallet address – each will get 100 Tokens
  • To earn tokens moving forward you must complete the following:
    • Be subscribed to the Thinking Crypto YouTube channel and Email Newsletter – 500 Tokens
    • Follow on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn – 500 Tokens
    • Give a five star rating and leave a review on the Thinking Crypto Apple Podcast profile – 1,000 Tokens
    • Like and Comment on a YouTube video – 100 Tokens
    • Like, Comment, and Retweet one of my Tweets – 100 Tokens
    • Share one of my videos on Facebook – 200 Tokens
    • YouTube channel members get 1,000 Tokens
  • How do I claim my tokens? Submit your respective activity to this form – 
  • Be sure to include your Solana wallet address, include links and screenshots of your activity.
  • You can of course share this token with your friends and family

What can I use the token for?

  • Book personal time (zoom chat) with me to talk crypto, digital marketing, video marketing, or token creation etc. (Token thresholds can only be used once, if you continue to acquire tokens you can request additional sessions. Due to time constraints only one session per person each month)
    • 1000 Tokens for 15 Minutes
    • 1500 Tokens for 30 Minutes
    • 2000 Tokens for 45 Minutes
    • 2500 Tokens for 1 hour
  • Participate in exclusive crypto giveaways (Example- in January 2022 I gave away $2,000 in free crypto)
  • Get discounts on merchandise (coming soon)
  • Get discounts with specific crypto service providers, vendors, products etc (coming soon)

How do I book a session once I’ve claimed tokens? Email me at [email protected] with a screenshot of your token wallet.